The Art of Crunch is the “heart child” of Rhonda Hamlin, a single mom striving to keep up with the needs of two children and several pets. Rhonda began perfecting the recipe for her luscious biscotti 10 years ago after winning a blue ribbon at the Western Washington Fair. During those 10 years friends and family have encouraged and supported her in her efforts to share her biscotti with the community.
The word “crunch” is a pretty ordinary, self defining word. We all have favorite foods that give us the sound and sensation of crunching. The Art of Crunch elevates crunch and biscotti from the ordinary to the exceptional. Everyone has eaten their share of everyday biscotti, but Rhonda’s biscotti are a taste celebration. They are unique in that they both crunch and melt in your mouth with an intensely rich flavor that continues to make you smile after you’ve eaten your last bite. While you are chewing you are wondering how many more you can have and what is the next flavor to try. There are approximately 10 plus flavors including the award winning Cranberry and White chocolate, Blueberry Lemon, Vanilla Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Almond, Orange Almond Dark Chocolate,¬† and depending on the season other flavors will be added. Tropical Delight is a trio that is a limited edition for the summer months. The After Dark collection, which includes handmade Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate is a dessert biscotti meant to be paired with¬† (but not limited to) wines. They are especially wonderful.
The Pacific Northwest, known for it’s Northwest coffee shops and wine bars on every corner needs a signature biscotti that defines the area as a great place to live and socialize. The Art of Crunch is the biscotti that can be the ambassador of the Pacific Northwest. These very special confections can be found in and around Tacoma area.